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Esports: Anime Viewers are Tuning In & Cheering On

Japan is not as known for its esports scene as are its neighbors China and Korea, but anime viewers are – in every market surveyed – far more likely to watch esports than those who do not watch anime.

Across markets, many more Anime Viewers watch esports compared to Non-Viewers. In markets including the US, the UK, Germany, and Japan, Anime Viewers are 2x as likely to watch esports as Non-Viewers. Not only do more Anime Viewers watch esports, but on the global level, more support esports and online gaming financially.

As seen in the previous blog post, classic esports genres, like MOBAs, may benefit exceptionally from anime IP, anime-style characters, or animated adaptations that could attract new players, much as League of Legends is doing with the animated series Arcane. Esports juggernauts like League of Legends and Fortnite consistently rise to the top across markets as most-played esports among Anime Viewers.

Top platforms for viewing esports such as YouTube and Facebook show relatively little differentiation between Anime Viewers and Non-Viewers, but more tailored sites such as Twitch are far more popular among Anime Viewers compared to their fellow esports viewers who do not regularly watch anime. China, as is often the case, uses its own set of platforms, led by Bilibli.

How have you noticed streamers, esports organizations, and platforms responding to the anime fandom among many esports viewers? What opportunities remain to be explored?

John McCallum is a Senior Research Manager at Interpret, a global insights firm laser-focused on helping media, entertainment and technology clients make informed decisions through bespoke and syndicated research. John’s work and passion is centered around Japanese video games, anime, and entertainment. He leads Interpret’s Animeasure products (a global tracker and segmentation) and guides clients in bringing their stories and products to life in Japan, making him well-versed in working with stakeholders from both sides of the Pacific. Since joining the Interpret team, John has been key in helping to expand the company’s work in Japan, market segmentation, and brand tracking. John holds a BA in Social Studies from Harvard University.

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