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In 2018, Project Anime experienced significant growth in attendance from industry professionals in the Japanese pop culture business. This year, we focused on building partnerships within the industry and a snapshot of the future of anime. Featuring Roland Kelts as our Los Angeles Keynote Speaker, he guided the conference through the rise of anime and the trends that we can expect as it continues to grow.



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March 21-22, 2018 at Hotel Chinsanzo Tokyo

Topics included:
  • Bootlegs Discussion
  • Marketing Strategies
  • Talent Management
  • Creative Content
  • Toshifumi Makita, VIPO
  • Tak Furuichi, Director of PROMIC
  • Nao Kodaka, CEO of Tokyo Otaku Mode
  • Eddie Lehecka, President of Attack the Music

Los Angeles

July 3-4, 2018 at The Westin Bonaventure Hotel & Suites

Keynote by Roland Kelts, Journalist & Author

The American and Japanese entertainment industries are collaborating, borrowing and stealing from one another in ways unimaginable just a few years ago. Producers in Japan are keeping a close eye on foreign markets, and Anime Cons are the testing grounds and research labs for those markets. Join original Tokyo-based JAPANAMERICA author Roland Kelts to look at the roots of this exploding phenomenon, catch up with it all and learn what’s next.

Topics included:
  • Schedule Design
  • Talent Acquisition
  • Event Decorator 101
  • Event Funding
  • Event Security
  • Community Management
  • Peter Tatara, VP Anime Events of Leftfield Media
  • Justin Flores, Content & Industry Relations Manager of Leftfield Media
  • Jennifer Piro
  • Bobbly Slater, VP of Sales and Operations of EES Security
  • Tara McKinney, Sr. Conventions Manager of Funimation
  • Justin Rojas
  • Marlon Stodghill