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GG! Buff Your Brand Through Esports

What grabs a gamer’s attention? Esports is one of the fastest-growing segments and communities in digital entertainment, and businesses want to know how to extend their brand into this market. Learn how to capture this audience, leverage content, and collaborate with esports brands directly from esports and gaming industry professionals Justin Rojas (VP of Events, Envy Gaming), Justin Varghese (Business Development Manager, Shotcall), and John Davidson (CEO and Founder of Davidson Learning Company), moderated by Nabil Pervez (Head of Events, AoE Creative).

About the Speakers

John Davidson

John Davidson, TEDx and active speaker on gaming and youth marketing, is formerly the Head of Partnerships at GameStop, Director of Esports for PRG, the world’s leading event technology company and now Founder of DLC, the Davidson Learning Company. John also serves as Chairman of the Esports Trade Association and sits on advisory boards for Stadia Ventures, Dallas Influencers in Sports and Entertainment (DISE), The Uptown Agency, and University of North Texas Sport Entertainment Management MBA. Through a diverse career in skateboarding, marketing, and business development, John has a unique perspective and understanding of sub-cultures and consumer behavior.

Justin Varghese

Player turned play-by-play commentator, Justin “JV” Varghese brings a unique perspective to the gaming and esports space. When he’s not busy trying to find a cure for his chronic potato aim, JV seeks to ethically educate others about the opportunities present in the gaming and esports space. His passion and knowledge of the industry have allowed him to be a featured speaker and panelist at several conferences, while simultaneously opening opportunities to work with some of the largest companies in the gaming and esports space, including DreamHack, Activision Blizzard, and the Pokemon Company.

He currently serves as the Business Development Manager for Shotcall, an interactive gaming platform and marketplace that brings together fans and content creators from across the globe.

Nabil Pervez

Nabil began working in esports in front of the camera as a shoutcaster and host. He began working for grassroots organizations to eventually Blizzard, Redbull, and Amazon. Gradually Nabil began a shift to working behind the camera and utilizing his marketing skills. Nabil went on to work for gaming organizations like PVP Live, Infinite Esports, Optic Gaming, and the Houston Outlaws. He lead the local marketing efforts on the award winning #BandTogether campaign for the Houston Outlaws.

Throughout his career, Nabil has enjoyed providing marketing consultancy for indie developers and connecting people to opportunities. After doing this for years it eventually lead Nabil onto the Dallas IGDA Board where he supports marketing, events, and ideation. Nabil is a co-founder and Head PM at AoE Creative – a creative design and marketing agency focused on gaming, esports, and nerd culture.