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About The Speaker

Samuel J. González

A huge fan of pop culture, Samuel started in the convention business as an attendee, and quickly wanted to be more involved. His first trip to Japan in 2007 provided him with a whole new set of ideas and new friendships that allowed him to become a volunteer in a starting company while he was working at the hotel business. 3 years ago, he decided to change the scene and became a full time employee at Japan Weekend, which has become the largest Japanese culture con in Spain, with 6 different cities and over 165000 visitors in Madrid. SInce he entered there, he's been dealing with partners, international guests, licensing... Almost every aspect of delivering the best possible experience to the public. The part he loves the most is meeting the international guests attending Japan Weekend, and seeing people enjoying the conventions. He's currently working on a new publishing project within his company, and planning his 7th visit to Japan with his fiancée.