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Nabil Pervez

Nabil began working in esports in front of the camera as a shoutcaster and host. He began working for grassroots organizations to eventually Blizzard, Redbull, and Amazon. Gradually Nabil began a shift to working behind the camera and utilizing his marketing skills. Nabil went on to work for gaming organizations like PVP Live, Infinite Esports, Optic Gaming, and the Houston Outlaws. He lead the local marketing efforts on the award winning #BandTogether campaign for the Houston Outlaws. Throughout his career, Nabil has enjoyed providing marketing consultancy for indie developers and connecting people to opportunities. After doing this for years it eventually lead Nabil onto the Dallas IGDA Board where he supports marketing, events, and ideation. Nabil is a co-founder and Head PM at AoE Creative - a creative design and marketing agency focused on gaming, esports, and nerd culture.