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Giselle Fahimian

Giselle Fahimian is a lawyer and consultant with over 15 years of experience in the field of intellectual property. After graduating from Harvard Law School, where she was the Executive Editor of the Harvard Journal of Law & Technology, she litigated copyright, trademark, and antitrust cases at an international law firm. She took a hiatus from law firm life when a legal research/writing opportunity fell into her lap, and somehow ended up published in the company of both Judy Blume and Lawrence "Larry" Lessig. Most recently, Giselle was Associate General Counsel of manga/anime powerhouse VIZ Media in San Francisco and Los Angeles. At VIZ, she was responsible for legal oversight of all IP matters, inbound/outbound licensing, marketing, and anti-piracy (both online content and unlicensed merchandise). She was also the liaison between VIZ and U.S. Customs and Border Protection with regard to analysis and seizure of counterfeit goods across a broad range of trademark classifications. In her spare time, Giselle enjoys reading graphic novels, teaching elementary school art (in case you ever wondered what you might end up doing with an Art History degree), and going to film screenings at the American Cinematheque (in case you ever wondered what you might end up doing if you did not pursue that double major in Film Studies). She lives in Los Angeles with her husband, children, and a sweet clown loach fish named Rocky.