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Training Arc: Emerging from COVID With a Stronger Fan Profile

Drawing on never before seen, proprietary data, this session will help unflatten our understanding of anime fans because, unlike many of their favorite shows, anime fans aren’t just two dimensional. By the end of the session, participants will leave equipped with a better understanding of anime fans beyond just their anime habits that can inform COVID and post-COVID strategies around event programming, meaningful partnerships, and year-round engagement.

About the Speaker

John McCallum

John McCallum is a Research Manager at Interpret, a global insights firm laser-focused on helping media, entertainment, and technology clients make informed decisions.

John’s work focuses on Japanese video games and entertainment. He also guides clients in bringing their products to Japan, making him well-versed in working with stakeholders from both sides of the Pacific. Since joining the Interpret team, John has been key in helping to expand the company’s work in Japan, market segmentation, and brand tracking.

John holds a BA in Social Studies from Harvard University.