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Extending Your Reach with Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing has skyrocketed in popularity in recent years, a marketing tactic comprised of both the persuasiveness of celebrity endorsement with the organic feel of social media. But what exactly goes into an influencer partnership, and how can it be optimized to extend into new audiences? Joanna Metoki (Tasty Design Studio) and Artist Gabriela Correa (crisalys) will share about identifying effective influencers, setting partnership expectations, and executing appealing campaigns.

About the Speakers

Joanna Metoki

Having spent over ten years as a member of the of North American Anime industry, Charlene Ingram has made her mark as the glittering force behind the marketing of many of the medium’s most iconic titles. Making the leap from cosplayer to industry influencer, she started her career at Funimation where she managed treasured brands such as Summer Wars, Dragon Ball Z, and One Piece. Making the move to the West Coast, she spent several years at VIZ Media where she led the animation marketing team, spearheading the launch of iconic titles such as ONE-PUNCH MAN, Boruto, and, what she is best known for, Sailor Moon. Her philosophy is to be a ray of sparkling-dazzling positivity, to work hard, lead by example, go big, and never ever stop dreaming. In 2020, she brought her grit and passion to the team at Crunchyroll Expo, creating and leading the team behind the inaugural Crunchyroll Hime’s Copslay Cup. Currently, she works in brand marketing at one of the world’s largest video game studios, but she has never forgotten her roots in cosplay and is always thrilled to help elevate the craft. You can find her on Twitter- @tristencitrine


Stephanie has been a veteran of the gaming industry for over 12 years, having started her career as a freelance journalist in 2008 before jumping headlong into working for game companies as a community manager and customer support specialist starting in 2010. She started at Twitch in 2017 as a Community Programs manager where she first dipped her toes in helping out with the TwitchCon cosplay contest before taking it over as the Executive Producer in 2018. Since then, Stephanie has moved into Influencer Marketing and working with Twitch Partners on paid programs. However, Stephanie maintains her role as Executive Producer and consultant for TwitchCon North America and (pending future in person events) TwitchCon Europe cosplay contests as it is her passion project and loves working with and elevating the Cosplay Community on Twitch.