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Brett Sappington

Esports for the Win: How to Use Esports to Power Up Anime Events

From content themes to cosplay, anime and video games have long been close cousins. Both have avid, invested fans that spend heavily in time and money on their favorite experiences and brands. Within gaming, esports has become an important factor in fan engagement, marketing, and sponsor-based monetization. In this research presentation, Brett Sappington, Vice President at Interpret, will reveal connections between anime fans and esports. He will discuss opportunities for event organizers to leverage esports to promote events, create unique experiences, and attract broader audiences.

About the Speaker

Brett Sappington

Brett Sappington serves as Vice President of Interpret, a global insights firm laser-focused on helping media, entertainment, and technology clients make informed decisions. With over 20 years in technology and entertainment, Brett leads the company’s global research for video entertainment and esports, including Esports Replay, a newly released service that tracks trends within the esports industry. Brett is a well-known thought leader in the video entertainment industry and a frequent speaker at international industry events. He has published dozens of reports on the evolution of content distribution and disruption in the entertainment marketplace. He regularly works with innovators and industry leaders in pay-TV, network television, streaming services, content production and distribution, gaming, video technologies, and consumer products.

Brett holds an MBA from the University of Texas at Austin with a concentration in high-tech marketing and a BA in physics from Baylor University.