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Collaborating with the Japanese Music Industry

Transcending cultural borders, a shared love of Japanese music unites fans all around the world, and Japanese concerts can easily become a highlight of any convention. But where do you begin when it comes to working with the Japanese music industry? Industry members Tak Furuichi (Japan Music Culture Export), Nadeshiko Nakahara (Antinos Management America/Sony Music Entertainment Japan), and Eddie Lehecka (Attack the Music) will provide a thorough overview of the coordination process, from starting the conversation to expectations to concert logistics, as well as resources for event organizers and insights on virtual concerts.

About the Speakers

Tak Furuichi

Tak Furuichi is an international specialist in the Japanese music industry. His career started at a major independent label, JVCKENWOOD Victor Entertainment, and for nearly three decades, he has been on the playing field, executing international businesses and creating an extensive network of associates globally. Since 2015, he has been lending his expertise to support the Recording Industry Association of Japan (RIAJ) and Japan Music Culture Export (JMCE) to help the Japanese music industry take artists, music, and businesses internationally.

Nadeshiko Nakahara

A profound Marketer with extensive experience in bridging Japanese and overseas industries, Nadeshiko Nakahara has a proven record of global success in the entertainment business. Nadeshiko is currently Vice President of Antinos Management America, Inc., a subsidiary of Sony Music Entertainment (Japan), Inc. where the company’s mission is to market and promote Sony Music Entertainment (Japan), Inc. artists overseas. A multi-faceted company, Nadeshiko took part in securing both event and tour booking for an array of artists such as TM Revolution, SCANDAL, Eir Aoi, and PuffyAmiYumi to reference a few. Other Sony Music Entertainment (Japan), Inc.’s subsidiaries include Aniplex, Inc. and SACRA MUSIC, both catered to the anime industries and have collaborated with Nadeshiko on bringing events centered on uniting music and anime to North America including the Kill la Kill feat. Eir Aoi, Fate/zero feat. LiSA, Fate/stay night feat. Mashiro Ayano, and Fate/stay night I. Heaven’s Feel [presage flower] feat. Aimer. With an understanding of anime’s global demand, Nadeshiko recently spearheaded [Anime Music Live], a concert based in Mexico City featuring SACRA MUSIC artists GARNiDELiA, LUNA HARUNA, and Mashiro Ayano.

Eddie Lehecka

Eddie Lehecka is the co-founder and President of Attack The Music, Inc. a California-based independent record label that specializes in bringing Japanese producers and DJs to the US market. For over a decade he has been producing club-oriented events of all sizes in the US, and has introduced a roster of international artists through the label’s album releases. In 2008 he was responsible for producing one of the first convention dances featuring a lineup of Japanese DJs, establishing the annual SYNERGY dance series in the process. Since that time he’s collaborated with events all over the US to bring Japanese acts of all sizes, from independent DJs to chart-topping producers, in an effort to introduce the Tokyo club experience to fans nationwide.