Project Anime Los Angeles 2018 Sponsors

By Neko Davis | June 02, 2018

Project Anime is pleased to announce our Sponsors for Project Anime Los Angeles 2018!

We thank our Sponsors for providing the services, tools, and knowledge to our Project Anime B2B Conferences. Not only will we be utilizing some of their services to run the conference, but we will also have some of them run presentations and demos of their services and how it can benefit you as an Event Organizer, Industry Professional, or Vendor.

We are the community-driven calendar app that helps you get together with the people who matter. Allcal is about making it easier to connect with your community through your calendar. It doesn’t matter if you’re throwing a big 3-day conference or a monthly game night – Allcal helps you keep everyone updated, organized, and ready for the next big event.



If we at Riot Creative Imaging are about anything, we’re about making sure you look your best. Think of us as bespoke tailors for storefronts, marketing professionals, or just about anyone with color needs.

This is the reason that clients from small businesses to the largest brands in the world (Westfield, Adobe, Six Flags) have turned to us to ensure that their visuals are making the right impression.

Whether you’re a retail chain, restaurant, corporate brand, or contractor (we can keep going, but you get the picture), our color experts are equipped to take your idea from design to installation.


Shepard is a full-service event production company that helps transforms spaces into engaging and immersive environments.

With over 100 years’ experience, we provide corporate events, trade shows, conferences, and exhibitors with the solutions needed to produce fresh, creative and ultimately successful face-to-face experiences.

Our nationwide network and offices, give us the inventory and capacity needed to execute meetings of all sizes, in any city.

While many event production companies spend time trying to differentiate themselves from their competition, we put our efforts into ensuring we are the right fit for our customers’ needs. This is something core to our culture and reflective of what we call, “The YOU Experience,” an expression of how we treat each and every customer interaction. In short… we make it all about YOU!


Started in 2011, Talent for Cons was created as a new way to approach booking Guests for conventions.  The TFC parent company, Green Mustard Entertainment, owns and operates a number of fan conventions across North America.  Since 2001, they have designed entertainment for their own conventions and dozens of others.  Through these experiences, we have developed a number of relationships with some amazing performers… and we’ve worked with them to help create a streamlined process for booking them at conventions and pop culture events.

We understand how hard it is running a convention.  The last thing you need to worry about is whether you’ve covered all the needs expected for your talent.  WE MAKE IT EASY.


Tap to Speak is a web-based solution that allows audiences to use smartphones as a microphones. People will be heard and will be more engaged from the comfort of their own seat. Time will not be wasted. Tap to Speak is the easiest-to-use and most cost-effective product on the market. Maximize your next event audience’s engagement by using Tap to Speak.


So much more than people and equipment. We love what we do and people tell us it shows.

We spend our days and nights obsessively focused on creativity, support and building lasting relationships. That’s the kind of team needed to deliver seamless productions on schedule and on budget, every time.

Like all good things in life, you will have to experience VCI first-hand. We invite you to learn more and engage one of our live event professionals and to begin “The VCI Experience.”


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