2019 Los Angeles Speakers

Hollywood Meets Anime.

  • Providing Project Anime: Los Angeles 2019 programming for "Where Hollywood Meets Anime" and "Best Practices for Anime Events."

    Hear from these inspiring speakers as they discuss how Anime has begun to influence the Entertainment trends and the global impact of Japanese pop culture in businesses and events.

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Our 2019 Keynote Speaker: Elie Dekel

  • Executive VP of Brand Development & Consumer Products, Legendary Entertainment

    A proven leader in global licensing and entertainment brand building, Elie Dekel has enjoyed uncommon success over a storied career spanning three decades. With a proven record of global success in licensing of entertainment and anime’ brands, Elie Dekel’s experience spans corporate leadership and strategy, production, marketing, branding, licensing, retail development, ecommerce and consumer engagement.
    Elie is currently Executive Vice President for Brand Development and Consumer Products at Legendary Entertainment. In this capacity, Elie leads the company’s consumer products licensing initiatives for iconic feature film titles including Godzilla King of the Monsters, Pokémon Detective Pikachu, Legendary’s Monsterverse, as well as televisions series Lost in Space, and the Pacific Rim anime’ series now in production. Legendary is also in development of a live-action Gundam feature film.
    Earlier in his career, Dekel held senior positions at Saban, CAA and Fox, where he led marketing and licensing for Power Rangers, Digimon, Dragonball Z, Masked Rider and many other Japanese properties.

Where Hollywood Meets Anime topics:

  • • How to Pitch to Japan
    • Adapting Japanese Properties for a Western Audience
    • How Anime and Manga Happens in Japan
    • The Role of the Independent Producer
    • Creative Differences: When East Meets West
    • Merchandise and Anime
    • U.S. Manga Industry White Paper
    • The Anime Influence
    • Anime Movies in Japan

    Hollywood Track Speakers

The Growth of Anime Events topics:

  • • Social Media Marketing and Community Management
    • Sponsorships and Advertisements for Events
    • Working with Japan: Assets and Guest Relations
    • Esports and the Importance of Telling a Good Story
    • Fashion Programming for Japanese Culture Events
    • Crisis Center
    • Acquiring and Funding Concerts
    • Bootlegs and How to Deal with Them
    • Anime Cons in the #MeToo Era

    Event Track Speakers

Introducing our Project Anime: Los Angeles 2019 Moderators

  • Jennifer Piro


  • Mario Bueno

    Event Coordinator, American Cosplay Paradise

  • Miranda Sanchez

    Executive Editor, IGN Entertainment

  • Giselle Fahimian

    IP Lawyer and Former Associate General Counsel for Viz Media

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