Project Anime: Los Angeles

Project Anime: Los Angeles is our flagship event that occurs right before Anime Expo in Downtown Los Angeles. Join us for two days and over 30 hours of roundtable discussions, informative presentations, and networking opportunities curated specifically for anime, fandom, and Japanese Pop Culture event organizers and Industry professionals. This  B2B also features exclusive nighttime events with a focus on networking, community building, and creating an unforgettable business conference experience.

As a refresher, Project Anime is a B2B conference that began in 2012 and is organized under the Society for the Promotion of Japanese Animation organization. This conference is for anime convention organizers and vendors to network, discuss challenges and solutions, and learn ways to better organize and promote their events.

This could be a great opportunity to network with both the Japanese Pop Culture Industry and Anime Cons from across North America and other International regions. We work hard to craft an enriching experience for you and your team to grow, network, and get those hard questions answered in organizing a successful event.

We plan to cover some common challenges, such as security, talent acquisition, growth logistics, acquiring Japanese assets, how to utilize social media for marketing, streaming for conventions, and more!

 As a special bonus to Project Anime attendees, you will receive an AX Industry badge to have access to our Annual Anime Expo Operational Tour.

What is that you ask?

This special Project Anime tour is a unique opportunity to see the “behind the scenes” functions of Anime Expo during the actual convention. You will be able to see how different departments interact, communicate, and maintain that seamless end-user experience that we all strive to achieve as Event Organizers amongst attendees, exhibitors, industry, and volunteers.

Our primary mission for Project Anime is to create a space where we can build a community and uplift each other with the common interest of Anime, Japanese Pop Culture, and providing a great experience to the attendees of our events. We strive to be a secure and open forum for all industry, event organizers, and vendors to connect and aim to make this conference accessible to all levels of events and event organizers.