Started in 2012, Project Anime began as a single two-day event in Los Angeles. It is now an international brand hosting events around the world.

Our mission is to facilitate communication, inspire vision, and promote growth surrounding the anime events industry.

Join us for our next event, Project Anime: Los Angeles, on July 3-4, 2018 with our featured Keynote Speaker, Roland Kelts!

Upcoming Events

Why Join Us?

  • “The round-table discussions with other organizers gave us a chance to reaffirm what we knew, while allowing us to pick up on differing norms and practices from other parts of the world.”

    Jared Cheah
  • “Project Anime has helped us connect with a few conventions in the United States that we otherwise wouldn't have known existed. We were able to reach more fans of our work thanks to the introductions Project Anime helped us make.”

    Tatsuru Tatemoto
  • “Last year, we sent our registration director to Project Anime and he applied what he learned to our event to help increase the efficiency of our own at-con registration system.”

    Takuya Jay Inoue